YuMe for Advertisers (YFA), our demand side platform, provides the latest technology and tools needed to plan, target, buy, measure and optimize your video ad spend.

Access Cost Efficiencies and Exclusive YuMe Marketplace Opportunities

YFA is directly integrated with YuMe Marketplace, delivering cost efficiencies and access to premium video supply across all screens including PMPs and connected TV inventory.

Scalable Global Video Supply

YFA is integrated with all the leading 3rd party supply partners for video advertising including:










Save Time and Money with YFA's Comprehensive Suite of Advertising Technologies

YFA offers a complete suite of built-in technologies that are included to ensure that campaigns are delivered in a highly viewable, brand-safe advertising environment:

Access to YFA's built-in Brand Safety

Leverage YFA's built-in Viewability targeting and optimization

Activate leading 3rd party tools from IAS that are seamlessly integrated

YFA's Technology and Team Work for You

YFA enables your traders to employ advanced predictive technologies and access a team of programmatic experts to guide you in the best application of YFA to achieve your unique campaign objectives.

Save time setting up and optimizing campaigns by enabling YFA to automatically test and optimize different targeting tactics to achieve a specified campaign outcome.

Access flexible support options for assistance with media planning, supply optimization, audience targeting strategy and other managed service options.

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Leverage Proprietary YuMe Data, Targeting and Interactive Ad Units

YuMe SDK Provided Audience & Device Data - Gives YFA customers exclusive self-service access to cross-screen audience targeting suite that is powered by YuMe's embedded Multi-Screen Audience SDK.

YuMe Audience Segments - Allows YFA customers to access YuMe's proprietary first-party audience data for cost-efficient real-time targeting and optimization.

Household Targeting - Enables YFA customers to target household audiences with relevant advertising messaging.

Interactive Ad Units - Enables YFA customers to run YuMe's proprietary Ad units such as Ngage, PowerRoll and Captivate across all connected supply.