The definition of TV is rapidly changing. Viewers now control what, when, and how they want to watch their favorite programming, driven by the proliferation of over-the-top video services and Connected TV (CTV) devices (internet-connected Smart TVs, streaming media devices, game consoles, and Blu-ray disc players). All of these changes pose new challenges for media planning.

YuMe is solving for the shift in consumer behavior and device fragmentation by making it easier for advertisers to reach and engage target audiences at scale across CTV platforms. We offer unmatched CTV experience and reach, a full suite of targeting and measurement tools and innovative ad experiences to meet a variety of brand KPIs. Find out how YuMe can help you navigate the CTV landscape and achieve your brand goals today.

CTV reach and scale

Access the largest platform-agnostic CTV marketplace, including premium mid-tail and FEP inventory

Advanced audience targeting solutions

Leverage the power of digital + TV with behavioral and household-level targeting, and custom audience channels

Full suite of measurement tools

Measure brand health, audience composition, offline sales lift, in-store and tune-in attribution

Variety of ad experiences

Engage audiences with highly viewable in-app video ads and exclusive access to First Impression Units to meet multiple KPIs